Smart Home US standard

OnSky redefines the Smart Home with its breakthrough technologies that integrate Internet of Things (IoT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We create unique and practical technologies to optimize security, safety, comfort and energy saving for you and your family.

OnSky Artificial Intelligence, Truly Smart

OnSky Artificial Intelligence redefines the concept of smart home. OnSky Gateway is the brain of the system and it is powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms. OnSky Gateway and smart devices think and act automatically based on the human’s logic to maximize the protection and comfort for you and your family. This will enable the true home automation, even without touching the screen of the mobile devices.

Hybrid-Mesh™ technology: Breaking the Walls, Virtually

Wireless signal is degraded significantly when it travels through walls and objects. That is why wireless alone cannot be a reliable communication for smart lighting and security.

OnSky is the world’s only smart home solution using the Hybrid-Mesh™ or “Breaking-the-Wall” technology that integrates wireless and powerline communication (PLC). This is one of many innovative technologies that were invented by the founder and chairman of OnSky, Mr. Hung C. Nguyen, who holds over 30 patents.